Twenty Four

Episode 24: Craig "Lewie" Lewis • Flyers Cocktail Co.

Episode Overview

"In year one you are you have to prove that your problem solves a consumer need and you can solve it at scale. So you've got to do everything you can to achieve that, and if that means absorbing margin, or providing like heavier, deeper promotional discounts to get in stores to drive velocity. Velocity is the number where it's going to be at."

In episode twenty four, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, sits down with Craig Lewis, aka  “Lewie” of Flyers Cocktail Co. to talk about his award winning CBD-infused cocktail line.  The company was founded inline with Lewie’s passion for enjoying life to the fullest without compromising.  His story going from big-brand marketing consultant, to high risk founder sheds light on how to capitalize on your brand story when classic avenues are not an option for brand awareness.  


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