Episode 31
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Episode 31:  Bryan Gerber • Hemper

Episode Overview

"Unfortunately, in my industry, a lot of people over-promise and under-deliver. And I think that's one of the main reasons why we've been so successful is we're one of the few people in this industry that do what we say and say what we do, and it's so rare. Once people get one ounce of taste of it, they just want to keep coming back and giving us more business."

In episode thirty-one, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, talks with the "King of Cones", CEO and co-founder of Hemper and Hara Supply. Bryan shares his journey from George Washington University-trained Accounting and Info. Systems major to creator of the world's largest distributor of cones and celebrity-endorsed cannabis subscription company, Hemper. So many interesting lessons learned are touched upon in the episode; from influencer marketing success stories, to supply chain pivots and scrappy entrepreneurial thinking through the endless challenges of regulations surrounding the cannabis industry.


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