episode 33
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Episode 33: Caleb Wang • MiLa

Episode Overview

"I think, taking a step back philosophically, it's super important to just under understand benchmarking, and what average looks like what best in class looks like, and what from a first principles perspective, unit economics should be, and be hyper-focused on the unit economics and every single driver of unit economics."

In episode thirty-three, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, talks with Caleb Wang, CEO and Co-Founder of MiLa. Caleb takes us into the intricate world of performance metrics and KPIs that drive the strategic growth of his authentic Chinese food brand. Learn how he stays hyper-focused on customer experience without neglecting classic financial planning to expand from classic D2C into the retail world. MiLa is a great example of how the two worlds of marketing and finance come together to support a successful business.


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