Episode 14
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Episode Fourteen: Marc Levit • ForecastEasy (Second Appearance)

Episode Overview

"There's enough good to it [equity crowdfunding] that it really is becoming a viable way for companies that are sort of in that half a million to 3 million in sales, to get to the next level, and there's really appealing aspects to it."

In episode fourteen, Accountfully's Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh sits down with the Founder of ForecastEasy, Marc Levit for a second discussion. We round out two in-depth interviews with a look into equity crowdfunding.  Crowdsourced fundraising is a fairly new concept, but brings its own set of challenges in line with the benefits. Marc offers a look into how it all works, which types of brands benefit, and the three areas to focus on for your best chance at success.


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