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Episode Nine: Ibraheem Basir • A Dozen Cousins

Episode Overview

“I’m always looking for disproportionate risk, where the upside is really high and the downside is manageable. I take those risks all of the time. If there's a risk where the downside is just as big as the upside, sometimes I’ll pass on those.”

A Dozen Cousins founder, Ibraheem grew up in Brooklyn in a big family (hence the name) and wanted to combine two important elements into one product; take the joy of the eclectic multicultural flavors he experienced eating with his family, and turn it into a convenient, healthy food option.

He is no stranger to the complex food business, and has worked for large CPG companies.  These opportunities allowed him to hone his talent for understanding the formal business side, especially recognizing untapped business opportunities. Ready-to-eat beans became the right option because of their ability to combine the elements of "taste, health, and culture".  It was also an untapped market in the food world.

Basir takes us on the journey of his growing empire and outlines the strategic, yet methodical thought processes that have allowed him to realize his business goals.


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