Episode 21
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Episode 21: Jeremy Cohen • The YES Bar

Episode Overview

“We believe in profit. For us, we are trying to build in a profitable way.”

In episode twenty one, Accountfully's CEO and Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh, sits down with Jeremy Cohen, Cofounder of The YES Bar. Jeremy is an experienced boutique food brand operations pro who signed on to become part of a founder trio to produce allergen-friendly snack bars. This episode offers some great insight into how an old school accounting philosophy and some unique distribution methods can help a brand grow and thrive as consumer habits change. 

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“We believe in profit.  For us, we are trying to build in a profitable way.”

Jeremy is a Founder at The YES Bar.  They are a tiny, but mighty team that still wear a lot of hats, but he is more focused on Operations, Amazon, and sales.  Jeremy started his career after college in CPG as an area sales manager driving a van around San Francisco selling Honest Tea.  He's had the pleasure of working on the brand side and distributor side before joining forces with the two other partners on The YES Bar journey.


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