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A Look at Accountfully Clients

A Look at Accountfully Clients

The Accountfully Client Map

Take a stroll through our interactive look at client locations.  Click on the icon to see the company name, city, and state.

Where Our Clients Are

Accountfully is based in Charleston, South Carolina, which means the bulk of our client base is in South Carolina too.  However, our next biggest client state is New York, followed by California and Texas.  

Here is a look at where each state stacks up in popularity:

Top Client States:

South Carolina:  24%  

New York:  22% 

California:  15% 

Texas:  7%

Other States:

Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado:  4%

Washington, New Jersey, Virginia, Utah, Tennessee, Michigan, and Maryland:  1%

South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, Missouri, Maine, Florida, DC, Connecticut, Arizona: .5%

Other Countries:  

Canada and New Zealand

What Our Clients Do

To sum it up into one industry, our most popular business that we support is the food company.  Here is the rundown from on the industries our clients are in:

  1. Food
  2. Various (to include specialty services like woodworking or healthcare, foundations, hospitality, real estate, etc.)
  3. Creative
  4. Product
  5. Drink
  6. Tech/ Startup
  7. Contractor or Job Based

Inventory Entrepreneurs

Food Companies:  34%  •  Drink Companies:  10% • Product Companies:  12%

Inventory is a challenging facet to manage and it is one of our specialties.  We are highly sought after for our ability to help forecast cash flow, manage deductions, and implement inventory management systems.  Food and beverage companies face added challenges to their inventory management, like spoilage and the management of raw ingredients. 

Product companies need to have the right balance of planning and cash flow management to launch new products and understand trends in sales, as well as the best sales channels to market their products.

Click on the logo to learn more about some of our food, drink, and product clients:



Service Based Companies

Agency/Creative:  16%  •  Contractor/Job Companies:  2%


For the creative industry, we help focus on proper job costing and create the boring number based profit and loss statement into an interactive, visual dashboard.  Our digital agency customers can focus on being the creative business leaders, while we manage the numbers side of the business.

Check out a few of our service based business clients:


Tech/Startup Companies

Tech: 9%  

Imagine being on your best game; from setting things up for success with investors, to managing the revenue created from said investment properly.  The startup founder may be great at developing and launching the idea, but not as their own accountant.  We work with these founders as their outsourced CFO, a resource to them throughout the pitch process and beyond.

As you work with investors to get funding, we work behind the scenes as your team.

We provide you real-time access to updated financials, we report on key performance indicators, we communicate with investors on their behalf, and we have ongoing conversations about budgeting and growth.

Check out a few of our tech and startup business clients:

If you would like to learn even more about the types of clients we serve, continue on to our client page, or tell us about your business to see how we can help you, specifically.

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