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Case Study: eHouse Studio

Case studies are always a fun project for us, because we get to reconnect with clients and revisit the growth and development of the business since becoming a client of Accountfully.  We just finished our latest case study for one of our longest standing clients, eHouse Studio.  Here is your overview of who eHouse is and the changes they have experienced as a result of outsourcing their accounting.

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Who is eHouse?

eHouse is a design and digital agency headquartered in Charleston, SC (yay, neighbors!), specializing in eCommerce brands, specifically those who use Shopify. Cofounders, Chris and Aaron Quinn are pictured below.


Over the years, the company has refocused its niche from a standard UX/UI agency, to becoming a leading expert in Shopify Plus and eCommerce brands.  In short, they are focused on creating digital experiences that shoppers love.    They have created beautiful, streamlined shopping experiences for brands like Gaia Herbs, Zero Halliburton, Dr. Axe, and many more

How Have We Helped?

We don’t want to spoil the actual case study for you, but we can confidently say the common theme in the eHouse/Accountfully relationship is consistent growth.   Our initial improvements were mostly due to a) the time saved from C-Level leadership getting out of the weeds with the numbers, and b) the increased efficiency in the use of the tools and systems we implemented.  

We have vastly shaved down COO and Co-Founder, Chris Quinn’s time spent on day to day accounting.  In fact, we reduced time spent per week by 98%; a massive time savings that has allowed serious business growth through a typically challenging time (2020/COVID).


For the full bulleted list and details, on how we accomplished this, you’ll need to read the case study in full.


What’s Next For eHouse and Accountfully

With all of the consistent growth; new clients, and new team members, Accountfully will be a continued support system.  As the eHouse team is expanding, there will be a continued need for the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, and the KPI monitoring addressing the following:

Learn More About Digital Agency Accounting and eHouse Studio

We have amassed a large amount of resources to support the service based business.  You can cruise the blog to see service business related articles, and download our latest eBook; The Digital Agency Handbook.


In the meantime, to learn more about about eHouse Studio:

Visit the eHouse website  

See the collection of eCommerce brands eHouse has helped

Learn more about the eHouse company culture and meet the team

Read the eHouse spotlight when they first came aboard as a client

Follow eHouse on social media:

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dribble, GitHub

• • •

If you are a service based business owner looking to get back into more of the creative side of your business and out of the numbers side, let's talk.  We are happy to chat through how we can help you focus on growth.

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