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Client Spotlight: Barr Necessities

Barr Necessities • Flex Your Power

Natalia Barr has officially raised the “Barr” for nutritious cookies. She is the founder and CEO of Barr Necessities, home of the Empowered Cookie; a company that makes great tasting, nutritious, plant-based cookies and also empowers consumers to think about what they fuel their bodies with. In the words of the founder, “it is an ethical movement fighting for a better future.”

client spotlight barr necessities

So how did this company come to be? Simple. Natalia, who is a talented pastry chef got fed up with trying healthy cookies only to find they were like eating cardboard. She set out to do better and came up with a recipe that was as delicious as it is healthy. As Natalia so succinctly puts it, “we use zero junk and achieve full flavor and texture.”

The Movement Behind the Cookie

The company vision doesn't end at great tasting, healthy cookies. Barr Necessities also wants to empower people to have their cookie and eat it too. This company is about making good choices for your body and for the future of our environment and food industry. There is no cane sugar or palm oil used to sweeten the cookies, making for a healthier and more sustainable product. The company believes that your food choices are powerful. By making better choices as a consumer, you can influence a more sustainable, healthier food industry in general.

How Accountfully Helps

From creating a healthy, great tasting product to empowering a better food industry movement, it is no secret that this is where Natalia's passion lies, not bookkeeping. So when it came time to make sure the accounting side of the company was squared away, Accountfully was brought in. Natalia says of outsourcing the company’s accounting,” Accountfully has helped us do more of what we're best at: baking gourmet cookies for all you fit foodies out there!”

Where to Get Them

If reading this is making you crave a cookie, we don’t blame you. And guess what?  You don’t have to have that classic post sugar indulgence guilt when you eat an Empowered Cookie - so indulge away. There are many ranges of flavors available to try too. From more classic options like Double Chocolate Chunk, to the more exotic flavors like Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed, chances are, there is one (or a few) that satisfy your taste.

For those who don’t want to decide on just one option, there are also two variety packs available: Chocolate Lovers and Fruity and Floral. Make sure to look for the Empowered Cookie at your local high end grocery store, or grab yours from the Barr Necessities website. There is free shipping on orders over $35 and you can sign up for more sweet deals and exclusives by joining their email list.

Barr Necessities on Social Media

For more Empowered Cookie inspiration and motivation, follow Barr Necessities social media channels:

Instagram: @empowered.cookie


Twitter: @empoweredcookie

Pinterest: @empoweredcookie

If this sounds similar to your business and you are ready to focus more on your passion, and less on bookkeeping, we can help.  Tell us about your business and we can talk more about a good plan for you.

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