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Client Spotlight: Drink Recess

Ahhh, recess. As a kid in school this was our glimmer of hope to take a break, play with friends and get some fresh air. As a one of a kind, adaptogenic sparkling drink, Drink Recess can bring up that same sense of peace and well being without the icky side effects of coffee or sugar. It is a great tasting, healthy addition to your day and defines the CBD/adaptogenic beverage space. Read on to learn about our client, Drink Recess and its unique health benefits and founder story:


What is Drink Recess?

Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens. Recess currently sells three flavors, Peach Ginger, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and Blackberry Chai. It’s primarily sold through e-commerce (, direct to business, and at retail in select large urban areas.

Who Created the Company and Why?

The founder of Drink Recess is Benjamin Witte. Ben’s career started in tech but his passion led him to create Recess. He started Recess for a variety of reasons, but a couple stand out. First, Ben appreciates the health benefits of the hemp plant and wanted to create a product for both himself and the consumer. The Recess mantra is Calm, Cool, and Collected. This is the mindset and feeling Ben wanted to create with Recess.

There is also a market need that led to founding Recess. There are a lot of consumers who are asking for a clean, great tasting product that helps balance the challenges of everyday life.

What Makes Drink Recess different?

Recess is quite different than the typical hemp/CBD drink. First and foremost, the taste is priority #1. The innovation of the flavors was a very serious process, with considerable efforts made to understand the best hemp and adaptogens available for use.

Recess is also different in that it speaks to the consumer. Recess doesn’t advertise, but currently has 57k+ Instagram followers (more than all of the other hemp infused sparkling water companies combined). It resonates in particular with the creative community.

How Accountfully Helps the Business:

Recess is still fairly new, having been in business for a little over a year, so it faces many of the same challenges new organizations typically do. Rapid growth, lean employee base, tight cash management, and a constantly changing business landscape all exist on a daily basis.

Partnering with Accountfully has been a huge win for the Recess organization. Having a partner to assist with invoice management, monthly close, and cash flow forecasting is critical. Additionally, Accountfully is able to quickly transition with the changing needs of a startup. That’s not always easy to do with an in-house accounting team.

Next Steps For Drink Recess:

As Recess enters the next phase of the business, the company is focused on expanding its universe and introducing a few new items, with new SKUs and Recess Realitywear, a line of apparel and objects targeted at their devoted community of creatives.

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