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Client Spotlight: Hercules Mulligan

Accountfully has such a unique blend of clients and companies with interesting stories and causes.  Some of these brands and their vision may strike a chord, so much so you would want to be part of the story.  Now you can.  Welcome to our first ever spotlight on a company that is also opening itself up for investment, via crowdfunding.  Let’s take a look at the inspiring story and exciting plans of Hercules Mulligan; a true American liquor brand.

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Who Is Hercules Mulligan?

Let’s start with the name.  If you aren’t a major U.S. History nerd, you need the lowdown on who this guy is.  The company didn’t just happen upon a clever name, they wanted a trailblazer and true example of American spirit and independence.  Hercules Mulligan was a real person, one who is legendary in Revolutionary War history.  He was an Irish-American tailor and spy during the period.  Not just any tailor.  George Washington's tailor.  His craft cocktails would open up details from his guests that helped in the war effort; intelligence that was credited as helping Hercules save Washington’s life, twice.  This is the spirit and badassery the brand embodies.  In the company’s words, “Hercules Mulligan is based on a unique recipe from the period. It’s what Mulligan, the man, stood for, and it’s what this Rum and Rye blend embodies. A spirit of independence.”  

Already hearing fireworks and getting pumped?  Good.  Now let’s meet the genius behind the vision.

Founder Background


Steve Luttmann is a drinks industry veteran with a passion for flavors fueling his adventurous spirit. He’s always full of ideas, always after novel experiences.  Luttmann became enamored with early American history as a young child, visiting all the Revolutionary War parks and points of interest during the American Bicentennial in his custom Continental Army uniform. His interest was piqued years later while reading Ron Chernow’s Hamilton, where he discovered the story of Alexander Hamilton’s good friend, Hercules Mulligan. Intrigued by his unique name and peculiar story, Luttmann researched the life of Hercules Mulligan extensively, discovering his penchant for mixing his bespoke libations with spy craft during the war. The result is Hercules Mulligan American Bespoke Libations.

Steve’s Experience in the beverage space speaks for itself:
  • Matured at Unilever, he worked at LVHM’s Möet Hennessy, and created his own Spirits brand, Leblon Cachaça, Brazil’s preeminent craft spirit.
  • In 2016, Luttmann was recognized by Beverage World magazine as one of the top 50 ‘disruptors’ in the beverage industry.
  • In 2019, he launched Hercules Mulligan, a ready-to-drink Old Fashioned with a killer recipe and a blockbuster-worthy story that inspired the brand.
  • Hercules Mulligan is one of the most popular brands available on Flaviar; a premium spirits subscription service/club, with exclusive access to rare and original spirits, events, over 200K member reviews, and more.

What is The Product?

Launched on November 25, 2019, the anniversary of Evacuation Day, Hercules Mulligan is a ready-made Old Fashioned.  “It’s a true craft cocktail in a bottle.”

This award winning, no-fuss spirit is all quality.  It uses actual, real natural flavors, and is best enjoyed on the rocks.  The ingredients are simply Rum, Rye Whiskey, fresh Ginger, and Bitters designed specifically for the mix:

  • 50% Rum (three Caribbean Rums from Jamaica and Guyana)
  • 50% Rye (three Rye Whiskeys, one New York grown)
  • Tailor-made bitters (created for this blend only)
  • Fresh organic ginger (from Brooklyn, NY)
  • Special treatment: Hand blended, hand bottled, hand sealed, hand labeled

Most recently, it has earned the 2021 Double Gold Medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition


Why Hercules Mulligan Outsources Their Accounting

Founder Steve Luttman learned from previous ventures that the in-house plan for accounting was not a great use of his time and resources.  Now, he relies on the Accountfully team to be that agile accounting resource for his latest business.

Luttman explains,

“in my last start-up business, we did all our own accounting internally, in which we hired our own people and did everything ourselves. In hindsight, it was very expensive and very unnecessary. Had I known Accountfully, it would have been a much better solution - more economical, and much greater quality. I much prefer outsourcing this function with real expertise!”

How to Get Involved

The company plans to open a second round of crowdfunding on StartEngine next year.  You too can have a part in the Hercules Mulligan story.  Read more and get involved here:

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