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Client Spotlight: Masienda


Masienda • Los Angeles, CA • Est. 2014

Jorge Gaviria founded Masienda in 2014 to build a new kind of masa value chain from scratch. Why? Because he wanted an opportunity to offer peak-quality ingredients to the international chef community while creating a direct economic, social and environmental impact in traditional agricultural communities throughout rural Mexico.


The Founder: Jorge Gaviria

Jorge trained at top restaurants like Danny Meyer's Maialino restaurant and Dan Barber's Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York before before launching Masienda.

What Does Masienda Mean?

Masa + Tienda = Masienda.

Masa: The dough produced from nixtamalized, stone-ground corn (i.e., maize, the grain kind—not the sweet corn we’re used to eating on the cob) that transforms into hundreds of Mesoamerican food staples, including tortillas, tostadas and tamales.

Tienda: The Spanish word for store.

What They Provide To The Market

Single-origin corn sourced from a network of 2,000 smallholder farmers across Mexico employing regenerative agricultural practices.

How Accountfully Helps

Accountfully’s experience in the food entrepreneur space has helped Jorge and his company navigate its intricate operations from the start: Jorge says, “We manage a lot of moving parts throughout the value chain, to say the least. We needed accounting professionals willing to patiently tackle the complexity of our company's operation--because as complex as our business may seem at times, it's still quite young. Accountfully has been incredibly well-equipped to handle the challenge because they support an ecosystem of partners just like Masienda.”


Masienda Offers More Than Just Heirloom Corn

If you are a restaurant, tortilleria or food service operation looking to add Masienda’s products to your business, you’re in luck. Masienda offers various levels of wholesale distribution; from the direct order “D2Chef” program, which cultivates the restaurant owner/supplier relationship, to larger wholesale orders overseas, to consulting services. Check out the full service menu here.

In addition to various types of heirloom corn, they offer heirloom Hibiscus, heirloom black beans as well as San Pablo worm and chile salt, even Chicatana Ants. Experience Masienda’s amazing products for yourself and shop their store directly here:

More on Masienda

Masienda in the Media:

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