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Event Recap: Nutrition Capital Network's Spring Investor Meeting

Nutrition Capital Network’s Spring Investor Meeting Recap

This year we have put an increased focus on bolstering some key industry partnerships.  Nutrition Capital Network is one of our more significant partners in the consumer packaged goods/CPG space.  We love their focus on growing and supporting new products that incorporate sound nutrition and food-sourcing practices; both for human and animal consumption.  With these partnerships come some exciting events that allow us to get to know key players in the industry and support them from an outsourced accounting perspective; whether that is virtually or in person.  After attending the Spring Investor Meeting in person, we were energized about future opportunities and felt the need to share more.  The event focused on aligning up-and-coming brands with an array of active investors and experts in the CPG space. Let’s dive into who they are,  where it was held, and how the event went from the Accountfully point of view.

About Nutrition Capital Network

As stated in their event program,

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) was founded in 2007 to facilitate financing for small companies and introduce investors to the next generation of successful brands and technologies in the nutrition and health and wellness industry. 

The organization holds regular events to support this initiative.  This includes four meetings annually: two mainly brand-focused Investor Meetings in the fall in San Francisco and in the spring in New York City; the NCN Ingredient Technology Investor Meeting at SupplySide West in Las Vegas dedicated to ingredients, technology, and raw materials; and NCN Europe Virtual which focuses on a mix of opportunities in nutritional science, technology, and brands.

Beyond aligning the many resources with these brands, is the greater cause NCN supports.  They also aim to accelerate the impact of nutrition companies on the country’s healthcare crisis, climate change and the ongoing revolution in the food industry, and the well-being of the general population.  See why we dig them?  

Event Location

Before diving into the event itself, we have to mention the location.  The Spring Investor meeting was held in New York at a really cool venue called The Current at Pier Sixty.   It is right on the Hudson River on the Westside of Manhattan.  Chelsea Piers originally served as a passenger ship terminal in the early 1900s and hosted some pretty famous ocean liners.  It was used by the RMS Lusitania and was the destination of the RMS Carpathia after rescuing the survivors of the RMS Titanic.  Depressing side note:  it’s where the Titanic was supposed to arrive when it reached New York.  Nowadays it is a trendy hub of event spots with exclusive fitness centers, a driving range, ice skating, bowling, and more.  History nerd rants aside, it serves as a great destination for East Coast-based companies to gather in person.  If this is exciting your inner historian, you can learn more about the venue’s history here.

Event Purpose and Overview

This event aims to align great companies with industry-focused expertise, and eager investors.  Attendees can join in person or virtually, but we chose to take part in person so we could meet and greet face-to-face.

About 20 or so nutrition and health and wellness companies presented their business plans to a group of diverse, active investors. Presenters represented categories in natural and organic foods, supplements, ingredients and technology, personal care and household goods, and related technology.  Two of the presenters were clients of ours:  Mill It and Kekoa Foods.  It was especially nice to be there to (silently) cheer them on.  

The goal is not just an investment-seeking initiative, however, it is also a great opportunity to gain expert insight and guidance and develop industry relationships.  Each presenter receives valuable input as they finalize their business plans and nail their pitches.  Accountfully fits right into this bank of experts.  Why you ask?

We have over a decade of experience supporting CPG-related brands and know what is needed from a financial standpoint to be considered a prime investment to these investors.  We also provide the expertise and services to help clients grow a financially healthy brand.  

Some of the more active ways the brands accessed this one-of-a-kind expertise is through the networking opportunities provided and live question-and-answer sessions held by the ingredient technology investors.  Other opportunities included meeting one-on-one in breakout rooms, and in private groups.  Beyond the event itself are more opportunities for the involved brands.  Through Nutrition Capital’s online platform,  these companies can continue the conversations from the event and nurture new relationships.  They also have the ability to seek knowledge from the experts and partners involved in the program, like Accountfully through exclusive content and workshops.  

Subjects Addressed by Keynotes

In addition to the investor pitches were some insightful presentations and updates on previous attendees, like Mary Ruth’s brand, who used the program to accelerate their success.

Some highlights were:

How to Get Involved

If you are an up-and-coming brand that may fit into this space and see the potential to take advantage of Nutrition Capital Network’s vast opportunities, you can learn more here:

NCN has specific criteria for its brands, which enables them to align precisely with its vision and goals.  If you are not a CPG brand, there are additional ways to get involved.  From the investment side to becoming an event speaker in your area of expertise, as well as advisory opportunities. In the meantime, we look forward to partnering with Nutrition Capital and supporting such a diverse group of CPG brands. Stay tuned for more news and events surrounding this special partnership.

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