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Partner Spotlight: Black Ink Ops

Partner Spotlight:  Black Ink Ops

When supporting client companies across many industries, we have the pleasure of discovering and collaborating with many influential and inspiring companies, concepts, and people.  Outsourced accounting is a large part of a company’s framework for success, but it is not the only avenue that can be leveraged by a business seeking scalable services in line with growth.  

Industry partners are a pivotal part of supporting businesses in all areas and we are here to highlight a few of the more inspiring and helpful ones.  What better way to begin than with the nuts and bolts of the backend of a business–operations?

Black Ink Ops solves the challenge that many CPG businesses face when it comes to growing their business; implementing and managing the operations side of a successful business.  The overwhelming task of finding, then optimizing a supply chain, then implementing a streamlined process of warehousing to order fulfillment can easily overtake any free time a small business owner has each day.  The team at Black Ink Ops knows how to take your operational headaches and turn them into a predictable, efficient, and scalable aspect of your business.

Let’s learn more about this unique support offering and how it helps the CPG industry as a whole.  Scott Glassman, Managing Partner and co-founder of Black Ink Ops helped us learn more about what he and his co-founder, Emily Backus, envisioned for the business, and share plans for more ways to support operations for the CPG world. 

Story/ Background of the Brand:

Being long-time CPG industry professionals, neither Scott nor Emily ever heard a founder say they desired to enter the CPG space to process POs, fulfill orders or arrange transportation.  Typically it’s to promote a great product and to grow its presence in the world. 

Black Ink Ops emerged from the idea that by outsourcing the operations side of a CPG business, the founders could focus on their true passion–the product.

Scott shares, “we developed our business model based on the needs we observed/experienced working in the CPG space. Emerging brands didn't start their business because they loved processing POs and chasing trucks. They created their brand and want to share it with customers and tend to focus on product development, sales, and marketing. Often the back-office tasks are distractions and unknown territory full of costly pitfalls. Our model helps brands with a cost-effective solution to address the back-office tasks so they can allocate their resources to the scaling of the business.”

Black Ink Ops has been in business since 2021 and is headquartered in Illinois.

Meet The Founders:

Emily Backus and Scott Glassman are the co-founders of Black Ink Ops. Their backgrounds span operations, CPG, food service, grocery, procurement, sales, and distribution working for national brands and startups. 

Scott shares,

“Black Ink Ops was created to help emerging brands scale as we observed a need in the market for an outsourced operations service provider. Brands are familiar with the outsourcing model such as using Accountfully for bookkeeping and accounting, a fractional sales agency to lead sales, or a marketing agency to lead digital, branding, and social. Why not have an outsourced operations team?”

The Services Black Ink Ops Provides:

“We provide outsourced operations management including PO processing, customer service between our clients and their B2B customers, fulfillment, transportation, invoicing, and collections.”

All of this integral support is provided as a seamless extension of a company’s team; working in a collaborative and transparent fashion.  

Black Ink Ops provides tailored back-office operations and supply chain support to growing CPG companies. They help brands transact business by providing transparent, cost-effective, and scalable solutions. They are your team of expert boots-on-the-ground doers, relentlessly working to make your dream a reality.  Their experience implementing ops infrastructure makes for a more efficient and cost-effective approach to both set-up and ongoing management of systems and processes.    

How Black Ink Ops Stands Out From the Competition:

Not only do Emily and Scott know CPG brands inside and out, but they also focus on the client first and foremost.  

“The client experience is paramount to us. We view ourselves as an extension of the clients we serve and create value for them by acting on their behalf as their operations team.”

How the Company Supports/Helps the Industry:

In short, Black Ink Ops allows CPG companies to focus on the important stuff: growing a brand and generating revenue, while they handle the operations in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with added support levels available to them as they grow.

“We help emerging brands with a cost-effective, scalable outsourced operations management solution so brands can focus on the revenue-generating activities versus the non-revenue generating tasks. Or said more simply, we handle the stuff you don’t really want to as you focus on growing your brand

New and Exciting Updates:

Originally focused on domestic brands, Black Ink Ops has now entered the international space, helping clients worldwide.  Their knowledge of US-based supply chains and operations has become a desired service from foreign companies seeking to capitalize on a turn-key export option in the US.

“We started with helping domestic brands and quickly realized our model resonates with international brands exporting to the US. We have the expertise to provide international brands with a turnkey solution for US infrastructure/operations.”

What advice can you offer business owners to set themselves up for success from the beginning?

Scott has a lengthy background that includes business development for small and large brands.  He knows that partners and networks can be a huge asset to a new business.  He recommends exploring the opportunities and advice that may be available to you within your own circle first.  You may be impressed with the results.

“Leverage your resources and network.  Many of the folks you know, or are connected to, may have experienced the journey prior and can be a great sounding board and/or provide valuable guidance.”

How To Get in Touch:

To get started, you can share your information with Black Ink Ops on their website at and start a conversation surrounding how they can support your specific needs.

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