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Partner Spotlight: Bravo CPG

Partner Spotlight:  Bravo CPG

When supporting client companies across many industries, we have the pleasure of collaborating with and discovering many influential and inspiring companies, concepts, communities, and people.  Industry partners are a pivotal part of supporting businesses in all areas and we are here to highlight a few of the more inspiring and helpful ones.  While outsourced accounting is a large part of a company’s framework for success, it is not the only avenue that can be leveraged by an emerging business seeking growth.  Enter the world of outsourced operations.

Running a consumer packaged goods company is hard.  There is so much more to it than developing and selling an interesting product.  Once you develop said product, there are so many parts of the process that require finite management and planning; ingredient sourcing, packaging, supply chain, you name it.  A CPG business is successful and profitable when it can manage its operations properly, from the beginning.  This is where BravoCPG comes in.  They specialize in providing the tools and resources needed for CPG companies to maximize their operations from the beginning, without having to hire a COO.

Background of the Brand

Bravo CPG was started with a simple mission–to provide brands with access to operations, logistics, and supply chain expertise as early as possible in their lifecycle.  This ensures that things will get "done right the first time" and expensive mistakes can be avoided.  

Katie Horgan is the owner of Bravo CPG.  She has over a decade of experience working for emerging companies and brings years of Marine Corps logistics acumen to the table.  Her company helps emerging brands avoid the common mistakes brands make when starting out, namely implementing quality operations early on. 

“Many of our team members have worked at organizations where operations were an ‘afterthought’, and we've seen what that can do to the long-term viability and profitability of a brand.  We want to bring operations to the forefront!”

Background of the Founder, Katie Horgan

Bravo CPG was started by Katie Horgan in 2019.  She created the company after noticing a pattern at the New York City-based startups she had joined: operations were an afterthought, and the underinvestment in operations led to decreased long-term viability and profitability.  She felt that outsourced/fractional support could allow early and growth-stage companies to get access to the right support at an early point in their lifecycle.  This would set them up for success.  

Prior to starting at Bravo CPG, she worked at several New York City-based food and supplement startups, completed her MBA at Columbia, and served in the Marine Corps as a Logistics Officer.

What Service(s) Does BravoCPG Provide?

Outsourced operations support for early and growth-stage CPG companies

What makes BravoCPG stand out from others in the industry?

Katie and her team are invested in their client’s success. 

“We take true ownership of our work and act as an extension of our client's team.  We are motivated by the success of our clients, and treat it like our own.” 

▶︎ Read more about the clients they have helped and read the case studies.

How Bravo CPG Supports the Industry:

Bravo CPG provides access to the right level of operations expertise, at the right time, for less than the cost of a full-time employee.  Think of it as having a COO or Operations Manager on staff, minus the full-time salary.

What's New and Exciting for Bravo CPG:

Bravo CPG recently launched a new product offering: Operations Fitness Assessment.  This is a two-week audit of a brand's operational systems, processes, risks, and opportunities, accompanied by detailed, actionable recommendations.  

There is a heavy emphasis on cost reduction, as that is top of mind for everyone right now.  You can see a sample output here.

How Can Business Owners Set Themselves Up for Success From the Beginning?

Katie knows the value of pricing and margins.  Her advice to those entering the CPG space is to set themselves up for success and appropriate margins from the beginning.  

“Know your landed costs, and continuously work to improve them.  Do not design a product or service that you cannot sell at a price point that will give you the margins that you need to run a healthy business.  That is a race to the bottom!”

Get in Touch With the Bravo CPG Team:

To start the outsourced operations conversation with Katie and the Bravo CPG team, you can reach out to her directly via email at or schedule some time to talk:

▶︎ Follow Bravo CPG on LinkedIn and connect with Katie to see the latest updates.

Get a Free Consultation with Bravo CPG

If you want to talk through ideas or find your operational footing, schedule a free advisory call–no strings attached, by visiting the Bravo CPG contact page.

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