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Service Spotlight: Introductory Outsourced Accounting

Accountfully Service Spotlight: Introductory Outsourced Accounting

You’ve met our people, our clients, and learned more about the teams that support our services, but how about the services, themselves?  Welcome to the Accountfully service spotlight series, where we share the details on each outsourced accounting service.  Find out what we offer, how it can help, and see if it is a good fit for your business.

What if we told you there is a more simplified version of our classic outsourced accounting service offering?  For businesses on tighter budgets, or those who have a more simplistic business model, we offer a scaled-back service level called Introductory Outsourced Accounting.

It meets this unique demand by providing the basic accounting services desired, like inputting transactions into Quickbooks and month-end close processes, but keeps things scaled back for the tighter budget.    

What Is It?

Introductory outsourced accounting is a more accessible version of our full-service outsourced accounting model.  It includes the following services and is designed to accommodate budgets at or below the $1,500 per month range.

Services and support we provide at the introductory level include:

  • Transaction coding within Quickbooks Online
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Month-end close processes
  • Limited “accounting@yourbusiness.com” email management
For inventory-based clients:
  • inventory reconciliations
  • posting sales and COGS
  • reconciling sales portals

So What Makes This Different from Outsourced Accounting?

Outsourced accounting provides a more detailed menu of services.  Tasks like in-depth payroll processing, sales tax filings, bill payment, accounts receivable, and invoicing are done on a regular basis.  Our introductory outsourced accounting is designed to support the minimum requirements of a business as they grow and develop its accounting and bookkeeping systems.  

Full service outsourced accounting may be a better option for those seeking enhanced support in:

  • Paying bills on behalf of the company.
  • Managing customer invoicing and accounts receivable.
  • Email communication with your vendors and customers.
  • Insight into weekly cash flow snapshots.
  • Managing and establishing payroll.
  • Sales tax support.
Introductory outsourced accounting services make the most sense for companies in need of more basic support with a professional accounting polish.

To better illustrate the differences between the two service levels, consult our checklist:

Compare services and budget levels to see which one is right for your business

When Do I Need It?

Any business that needs regular bookkeeping and accounting support benefits from this service.  If you are on a tighter cash budget and/or have minimal requirements as you are starting out, this is a great fit.

These services benefit a range of businesses in need of a fresh start from the beginning, to an existing business in need of additional accounting support on a smaller budget or operating with less complexities at play. Many of our intro clients add on more robust outsourced accounting services as they grow and get acquainted with the return on their investment leveraging an accounting partner.

How Much Does It Cost?

These services are customizable, depending on the level of support needed.  The most accurate pricing depends on your specific situation and/or the current service level required, but typically monthly retainers will be at or under $1,500.

New clients will go through a setup phase, which typically lasts between 30-45 days.  During this time we set up Quickbooks Online, gain access to bank and other important accounts, clean up any existing financial records to date, and implement our month-end financial close process.  This typically ranges from 10 to 20 hours, but varies depending on the size and complexity of the business and the scope of work to be performed. 

What Do Your Clients Think?

After over a decade of business, Accountfully clients have a lot to say about the services we provide:

"Great experience with knowledgable experts."

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How Do I Get Started?

For new clients, we will start by learning about your business and addressing the service level that meets your needs.  You can start by sharing the basic details of your business and scheduling a call on our contact page.  We will discuss the next steps during our call.

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