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2023 Accountfully Adventures Recap

2023 Accountfully Adventures Recap

Every year we are impressed with the destinations our Accountfully team visits. Most of the time, they bring along their branded swag, and we encourage them to take snapshots of the Accountfully brand out in the wild. We call this exercise Accountfully Adventures.  Our adventures have become so prolific, that we designated August of each year as our official Adventures month, where we gather photo submissions and hold a contest across social media and internally to pick a winner.  

Now that August has come and gone, we can share these submissions (and the winner) with the world.  From awesome staycations to European yoga retreats, here are Acountfully Adventures' greatest hits.

Family Zoo Adventures

Omaha, Nebraska

Rachel Schneider: Senior Accountant • Dallas Texas

Rachel went to Omaha, Nebraska to visit family and captured her water bottle in front of the Desert Dome, which houses all of the desert creatures.

“I spent the weekend in Omaha to see some family and took my daughter to the zoo for the first time. This is their Desert Dome where they have all their desert animals. Super cool!”

Stoneham, Massachusetts

Alison Eaton: Accounting Manager • Boston, MA

Alison’s first submission showcased a zoo adventure with her family.  She stayed hydrated with her limited run 2021 Fall Event tumbler and staged her “tropical adventure” in front of the flamingoes. 

“The flamingo exhibit is the closest thing to a tropical vacation for me this year. Chose my water bottle since it was 85 degrees out and needed to stay hydrated.”

Mountain Retreats

Sylva, North Carolina

Laura Bruns: Staff Accountant • Charleston HQ

Laura and her husband drove north to escape the heat of Charleston (and conveniently avoid Hurricane Idalia) and discovered the charming little town of Sylva, North Carolina.  Her water bottle looks stately perched high above the Blue Ridge mountains.

“This was taken on a hike off of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway during a weekend escape from the Charleston heat!”

Mt.Rainier, Washington

Liz Foreback: Staff Accountant • Sellersville, PA

Liz had a few adventures over the summer.  One included a mountain adventure to Washington state.  Liz and her husband took a gondola ride to the top of a mountain near Mt Rainier and stopped by a little mountaintop restaurant.  In the process, she captured her water bottle in front of some beautiful flowers.

Staycation Adventures

Camp Creek, Summersville Lake, and Beaver, West Virginia

Erica Doolittle: Accounting Manager • Beckley, WV

Erica explored the majestic surroundings of waterfalls and enjoyed water activities in Camp Creek, and paddle boarding in Beaver Lake and Summersville.  Her trusty water bottle kept her hydrated as she adventured around her home state.

Chesaning, Michigan

Jonah Ebenhoeh: Senior Accountant • Chesaning, Michigan

Jonah enjoyed his homemade deck and the above-average temperatures by hanging poolside.  His Accountfully beach towel supported keeping the deck dry once he cooled off and hopped out.

“We enjoyed a weekend staycation getting some sun on the new deck that we built from pallets and an old dock next to our pool.”

Cincinnati, Ohio

Tash Leath: Senior Accountant • Cincinnati, Ohio

Tash combed through a local Pirate-themed flea market called…wait for it…Treasure Aisles.  She was there to find treasures to feed her collection of vintage cookware. She left successfully with an amazing casserole dish and recipe card set.

“I am always on the lookout for copper, hard to come by in good condition. I love the '60s to '80s decorative casserole dishes.  I found a great condition glass Pyrex one from the seventies that I am obsessed with, and a '70s recipe card set from Betty Crocker.”

Classic American Destinations

Washington, D.C.

Brittany Hale: Senior Accountant • Lockhart, TX

Brittany took her water bottle along to explore the Smithsonian Museum of American History, which was the star of the movie "Night at the Museum" in our nation’s capital.

Cleveland, Ohio

Katy Saunders: Senior Human Resources Specialist • Charleston HQ

Katy is one of our more well-traveled team members. She explored destinations this year including Alaska, Cincinnati (where she said "Hi" to Tash), New Orleans, and more.  Cleveland is her most recent jaunt through the US, and we enjoyed her continuing the theme of replacing the A in the famous sign with the mint A in her water bottle.

Beachside Adventures

Scarborough Beach, Rhode Island, and South Hampton, New York

Victoria Neves: Tax Staff Accountant • Vernon, CT

Victoria adventured to two amazing beach destinations in the Northeast US.  First, she attended a wedding in Long Island, then enjoyed her family’s annual reunion in Rhode Island.  Her Accountfully water bottle enjoyed the view and kept her water cool in the hot sun and her 2022 Fall Event shirt was a perfect option for a casual sunset beach stroll.

“I love bringing around my Accountfully bottle to keep my drinks cold on the go and of course to show off. Had a blast!!”

Hamilton and West Whale Bay, Bermuda

Liz Foreback: Staff Accountant • Sellersville, PA

Liz  enjoyed a tropical adventure in Bermuda.  She positioned her water bottle to add some spice to the A in the iconic Bermuda sign.  She captured one of our more glorious beach shots on the shore.  

“Took a cruise out of NYC to Bermuda for a few days. After hunting around at different beach spots, we were able to find this spot that we were able to have completely to ourselves.”

Union Pier, Michigan

Shea Petersen: Accounting Manager • Chicago, IL

Shea enjoyed the shores of the lake in Michigan and toted her 2022 Fall Event bag with her. 

“Took this beach bag down to the water yesterday to enjoy some sun - love that it holds so much and is cute and trendy!”

Ipswich, Massachusetts

Alison Eaton: Accounting Manager • Boston, MA

Alison's second, local, and rather scenic adventure was waterside.  Her Accountfully can cooler kept her beer cold as she took in the beautiful view of the boats on the water.

“Spent Labor Day weekend at our favorite place, Little Neck, in Ipswich, MA. This picture was taken at one of the highest points on the island as my husband and I took our baby on a mid-afternoon walk. This is one of my favorite spots as I love the view of all the boats. Took my coozie on this walk because no one likes a warm beer.”

Dream Trips

Sardinia, Italy and Corsica, France

Jennee Klypka: Senior Accountant • Charleston HQ

Jenee’s adventure is straight out of a movie.  She went on a sailing Catamaran for seven days, where she did yoga every morning and sailed the Tyrrhenian Sea in the evening.  She took her Accountfully beach towel to support both beach and yoga activities.

“I did a yoga retreat on a sailing Catamaran for 7 days. We did yoga every morning on the beach and in the afternoon we sailed around the Tyrrhenian Sea.”

Flushing, New York

Nicole Bishop: Senior Accountant • Charleston HQ

Nicole got to witness the US Open live.  As an avid Tennis player, this was a dream come true for her to see so many star players in one spot.  She captured her Accountfully can cooler in front of Priscilla Horn of Australia playing live.

“I carry this pink Accountfully koozie everywhere for fun adventures like this. The famous Arthur Ashe Stadium is directly behind Priscilla.”

And the Winner Is…

While we can clearly see that all of these pictures are awesome, we did make this a competition.  We shared each picture across our social channels and took an internal vote.  After combining all of the submissions the winner of the 2023 Accountfully Adventures photo contest is:

Liz Foreback's picture taken at Mt. Rainier, Washington 👏

See All of The Year's Adventures on the Map

While we shared the highlights of the destinations included in our competition, there were plenty more destinations visited over the year. We had many duplicate destinations including:

  • New York City
  • Italy
  • France
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • and more!

You can view all of the other destinations in our Adventures Map. The markers in Teal are those from the competition, and the yellow markers show additional adventures from the year.

Join the Fun Year Round

We encourage our team and clients to take snapshots of their branded swag and tag us on social media.  Use #accountfullyadventures to showcase all of the amazing places captured.  For inspiration, take a look at what is out on our Instagram profile.

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