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Accountfully Adventures Recap

Accountfully Adventures Recap

Ever wonder what happens when you give all of your new hires their own custom branded swag?  Turns out they use it.  Everywhere.  These are not branded zip drives found in a trade show give away pile. Our swag is durable and usable.  We get so many amazing pictures from various adventures, we decided to do an end-of-summer contest to put our snapshots to the test.  The rules were simple: submit a picture of your Accountfully swag on one of your Summertime adventures.  It could be local/at home or on vacation.   The submissions were impressive and spanned not just the nation, but the globe.  

Check out the highlights from our 2022 Accountfully Adventures contest.

Skylines and Cityscapes

Many of our remote team members have some impressive views from their cities. These iconic skylines make for great backdrops for swag pics.

The Chicago skyline
NYC from New Jersey

Animal Adventures

A seemingly grumpy Penguin eyes our Accountfully water bottle from his habitat in the Portland, Oregon Zoo, while a carnivorous plant attempts to take a sip in the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Portland, OR Zoo
The Atlanta, GA Botanical Garden

On The Water

From beaches to pools, lakes and more, our swag travels over land and sea; in sailboat or by Kayak.

Poolside in Tampa, Florida
Near the swimming hole in Vermont
Competing in a Regatta in Oxford, MD
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

And The Winner Is…

Our winner via internal vote was our Accounting Manager, Brad Nguyen based in Houston Texas.  His risky move to bring his water bottle with him on his European vacation paid off.  This classic shot in Amsterdam won the contest.

You Can Take Part Too

We encourage our team and clients to take snapshots of their branded swag and tag us on social media.  Use #accountfullyadventures to showcase all of the amazing places captured.  For inspiration, take a look at what is out on our Instagram profile.

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