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Accountfully at the Revolve Conference

Revolve Conference

Brad recently spoke at the first ever Revolve Conference. It was a great event that attracted the designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are influencing what’s next, right now. It was a great opportunity to learn from platform-changing thinkers and disruptive innovators in the creative industry. We can’t say enough good things about the event.

Brad talked about the ways overworked entrepreneurs end up handling their accounting. Long story short— it usually isn’t pretty. Using helpful analogies and real-life experiences, Brad broke down the common pitfalls that entangle and even endanger small businesses. He redefined the term “accounting” and helped the audience overcome their fears and misconceptions about financial management.

In his presentation, Brad demystified the dollars and cents and showed how good accounting not only protects businesses from risk, it unlocks better decision-making. He left the audience with key accounting habits that anyone can incorporate immediately to protect their business and improve their strategic decision-making.

We left the conference inspired and excited—reminded that we live in a community that is brimming with hardworking creative entrepreneurs.

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