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Accountfully Team Outing: Charleston RiverDogs

When we discovered that someone on the Accountfully team hadn’t ever been to a Charleston RiverDogs game (we won’t name any names), we promptly planned a group outing to root root root for the hometeam. We had a beautiful night filled with giant beers, extreme nachos, face painting, and lots and lots of laughter.


But things took a serious turn when Village People’s “Macho Man” came over the loudspeaker. It sparked an intense conversation about the importance of having a good walk-up song and the qualities which make it such. Leaving the game, Brad tasked the team to come up with their baseball walk-up song.

So here they are. From Beyonce to Bob Seger, this playlist serves as a reminder that the Accountfully team is a diverse team that loves a good playlist challenge. They’re the best sports in the world. 

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