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Employee Spotlight - Alison

Alison is a Senior Accounting Manager here at Accountfully. She may not have the best taste in TV shows, but we don’t hold that against her, she is great at what she does. We recently asked her a few novel questions to get to know her better. Here is the complete rundown on Alison:

Meet Alison IG

What was your first job?

AE: I was a paper girl in middle school. My sister got a paper route in our neighborhood and I would help her deliver the newspapers. She quickly became too cool for it and I took it over.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

AE: Glass of wine and what most people would classify as terrible reality TV shows (The Bachelor, 90 Day Fiancee, etc.)

What is your favorite part of working for Accountfully?


Without question, it's the people who work here.

What makes you laugh the most (HINT- they are pictured right)?

AE: I think the two things that make me laugh the most are 1. the TV show Friends and 2. my siblings.

If you could go back in time what year would you travel to?

AE: 2010. Senior year of college.

What animal would you be? Why?

I think I would be a koala because I love to sleep.

Does it sound like you would jive well with Alison? Tell us more about your business, your goals and more. You could have someone like Alison on your very own accounting team.

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