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Employee Spotlight: Laura Bruns

Meet Laura Bruns; a well travelled, yet well-grounded bookkeeper here at Accountfully. Even though she has had a few recent life changes that keep her busy outside of bookkeeping - she’s a new (doggie) foster mom of two, and a newlywed - Laura knows how to unwind in style. Power yoga, anyone? Or maybe a quick trip to Morocco for some down time? Yes - both of these are a few of Laura’s off duty activities. We sat down and asked her a few questions to learn more about her unique background:

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A: What was your first job?

LB: I babysat my piano teacher’s girls when I was in middle school. Lots of Disney movies!

A: What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

LB: Depending on my energy level, either a sweaty power yoga class (on Zoom these days!), a walk around Hampton Park while listening to a good podcast, or quick sunset beach trip.

Pictured below:  Laura at her wedding 


A: What is your favorite part of working for Accountfully?

LB: I love the work/life balance that 

Accountfully offers. I also have the best coworkers and clients!

A: Who is your hero?

LB: I have several, but Queen Elizabeth and my parents are at the top of that list.

A: What makes you laugh the most?

LB: I recently started fostering two Basset Hound brothers, Boomer and Cooper, and they are characters. Their stumpy little legs, long ears, and sweet, sad eyes have brought me so much joy and laughter!

A: What is your spirit animal/why?

LB: A sloth! They’re so chill and love to take their time.


Pictured above:  Laura in Morocco

Need a worldly, focused, calm and capable bookkeeper like Laura on your team? Sounds good to us! We’d love to hear more about your needs and the goals of your business.  Tell us more here.

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