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Employee Spotlight: Michael Bourke

Meet Michael Bourke

Our Senior Accounting Manager, Michael Bourke is in his decade (sort of) - the roaring 20’s. Turns out that’s where he would go if he wanted to travel back in time.

We sat down with Michael and asked him a few questions about his work and non-work interests. Like some of his fellow team members, he’s familiar with the inner workings of the ice cream industry and enjoys helping Accountfully clients grow.

meet michael

Read on to learn the details about Michael:

A: What was your first job?

MB: I worked at an ice cream shop.


A: What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

MB: Cooking or reading a book.


A: What is your favorite part of working for Accountfully?

MB: Helping clients grow and evolve over our time working together, and providing the data and guidance to continue that growth.

Proof Tasting CHS
Pictured right:  (L to R) - Accountfully team Kortney, Michael and Meredith enjoying some of their clients samples - Proof Alcohol Ice Cream



A: Who is your hero?

MB: My dad.


A: What makes you laugh the most?

MB: Videos of overweight raccoons failing to complete jumps.


A: If you could go back in time what year would you travel to?

MB: Sometime during the roaring 20’s.

• • •

Michael’s extensive expertise and guidance help our clients understand the inner workings of their businesses and grow. If he seems like the kind of Senior Accounting Manager you want on your team, let’s chat. We can help you discover how outsourced accounting can help your business.

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