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Employee Spotlight: Lauren Craig

Meet Lauren

Accountfully believes people are greater than numbers, and we are on a mission to prove it.  We enjoy featuring our eclectic employees with a spotlight that shows the world a bit more about them behind the outsourced accounting scenes.  

We suspect it is her extensive experience managing three year olds that helps her get along so well with our eclectic crew in Nashville, but we can’t say for sure. 

What we do know is Lauren is a staff accountant in the Nashville office who is originally from Lexington, Kentucky.   Let’s learn more about Lauren; what you’re singing with her at Karaoke night, and where you’ll find her in her down time.  

Lauren’s role at Accountfully: 

I am a Staff Accountant with Accountfully on the recurring operations team, where I work a hybrid work schedule out of our Nashville, TN office. 

First job: 

My first job was at a daycare working in a classroom with three year olds. I worked there for two years before I left for college. Working with three year olds, while I had three year old twin brothers at home was educational and entertaining. 

Favorite way to unwind after a busy day

My favorite way to unwind is going out for dinner or drink with friends/co-workers or taking a walk around the park if it's nice out.

Favorite part of working at Accountfully: 

My favorite part of working at Accountfully is the culture. Whether that's quarterly town hall meetings, going out for happy hours or playing volleyball games, Accountfully really cares for their employees and strives to make everyone feel welcome and included. 

Lauren is pictured second from left with a ball she caught at a Nashville Sounds baseball game. She is with some of Team Nashville (L to R): Casey, Betsy, Matt. Andrew and Daniel.

What makes Lauren laugh the most: 

Videos of people falling. I could sit and watch them for hours, it's a real problem!

What is Lauren’s go-to Karaoke song: 

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! by Shania Twain

Where Lauren is headed in her time machine: 

I would travel back not that long ago to college. Best four years of my life!

• • •

If you are interested in working alongside team members like Lauren, you are in luck!  We are always seeking Accounting professionals in various roles.  Take a peek at our careers page for all of the details, and to learn more about our workplace perks.

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