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Employee Spotlight: Maria Petsch

Employee Spotlight:  Maria Petsch

Accountfully believes people are greater than numbers, and we are on a mission to prove it.  We enjoy featuring our eclectic employees with a spotlight that shows the world a bit more about them behind the outsourced accounting scenes.

Maria Petsch is one of our foundational Tax Team members who works from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.  She brings the perfect combination of accounting and business analytics skills to the Accountfully team. Her business background gives her an intricate perspective into business insights, when looking at projections and forecasting. She is also the one to consult when it comes to brewing a solid batch of beer.

Dive in and learn more about Maria and her life outside of Tax Accounting.

Maria’s Role at Accountfully  

Maria is a Senior Accountant on the Tax team. Some key responsibilities and duties of hers include:

  • Prepare and review federal and state income, franchise, gross receipts, and business personal property tax returns for Partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, Trusts, and Individuals as applicable.
  • Prepare federal and state tax extensions
  • Provide tax advisory services for our clients i.e. estimated tax payments, R&D, ERTC, etc.
  • Prepare business personal property tax returns (South Carolina clients)
  • Maximize value for tax credits the client can take advantage of
  • Initiate communication with the client and address open questions and concerns related to the preparation of tax returns
  • Conduct complex and general research on tax law and compliance
  • Support tax managers in implementing opportunities for process improvement in company tax procedures.
  • Lead and support staff tax members through client-specific projects or internal tax matters
  • Manage, train, and mentor staff and new tax team members.
  • Manage and facilitate federal or state income tax correspondence including those specific to income tax returns, notices, and tax planning

First Job

A store associate at Tilly’s.

Favorite Way to Unwind After a Busy Day:  

When she isn't crushing looming tax deadlines, Maria can most likely be found doing something outdoors, whether it's playing rugby, football, softball, snowboarding, hiking or going on runs with her beloved dog, Lola.  She also enjoys some indoor activities like making her own beer, cooking ,and reading.

Maria's dog Lola out on the trails in Scottsdale

Work-related Accomplishment Maria is Most Proud Of:

As mentioned earlier, Maria was a foundational member of the Tax team. She is proud of where it has progressed since joining Accountfully in 2022.

"I started Accountfully in a solid tax team of two. We have since tripled in size with some amazing effort and teamwork to show for it."

Maria's Hero:

My dad. I don't think I've ever heard this man complain. He works day in and out, and has the most positive attitude

Favorite Part of Working at Accountfully:  

"I would say I love working with everyone at Accountfully, despite working remotely and having different roles, we have awesome communication."

I don’t think I could have asked for better teammates on the Tax team. Having the ability to work from home is also great. I knew Accountfully was a company that I wanted to work for and Tax was a skill I wanted to specialize in, so it’s really been the best overall fit for me.

What Makes Maria Laugh the Most:  

My fiancé, Damon! He might say I'm funnier though.

Maria and her fiancé snowboarding

Go-to Karaoke Song:

Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker

How Maria Got Into Accounting:

Maria grew up in Washington state and holds a BS in International Business Management and her MBA from Eastern Washington University. She is currently a CPA candidate.  She got into accounting indirectly when supporting a local non-profit. She says:

"I was a finance intern for a non-profit community health center.

"I got roped into many accounting projects and realized that accounting was way more exciting than what I learned in college."
Maria and her Softball team

• • •

If you are interested in working alongside team members like Maria, you are in luck!  We are always seeking Accounting professionals in various roles.  Take a peek at our careers page for all of the details and to learn more about our workplace perks.

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