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My Favorite Part of Working For Accountfully Is...

The secret is out:  Accountfully is a great place to work.  We asked our team to share their favorite parts of being one of our employees.  From the great eclectic mix of coworkers, to the work/life balance, to the free beer, we think they covered it better than we could.  Click on the picture to learn more about each team member in their spotlight feature.

My Favorite Part of Working For Accountfully Is ...

Here is the recap of their feedback.  Click on the picture to read the full spotlight:


Tabitha Ebenhoeh

Staff Accountant - remote

"Accountfully encourages your professional growth but also supports your personal life as well. I think most of us have worked in the office atmosphere where you feel trapped in a box, you’re just another face in the crowd, and you as a person don’t matter.

I love how Accountfully takes the time for company happy hours, outings, celebrate birthdays, etc. They make it a point to let us know they truly do care about us as individuals and the company wouldn’t be where we are without all our hard work. 

I also enjoy the banter among the employees and the never ending debate of the 'Patriots or the Eagles'. (Correct answer is the Lions, btw)."

Chris Simon

Accounting Director - Charleston

"Working with the people we have."

Brannon Montgomery

Senior Tax Accountant - Charleston

"The people. I love the tone from the top down. It's a great place to work and I couldn't ask for better co-workers."

Maureen Sherry

Senior Accountant - Charleston

"Everyone’s unique background creates an awesome learning environment. I love that I can learn something from literally everyone."

Katie Earle

Staff Accountant - Charleston

"Working in a positive environment with such a wonderful, smart, upbeat group of people (and when not working our butts off, we also know how to have a little fun 😀)."

Michael Bourke

Accounting Manager - Charleston

"Helping clients grow and evolve over our time working together, and providing the data and guidance to continue that growth."

Alison Eaton

Accounting Manager - Charleston

"Without question, it's the people who work here."

Tony Bellflower

Staff Accountant - Charleston

"Free beer."

Laura Bruns

Staff Accountant - Charleston

"I love the work/life balance that Accountfully offers. I also have the best coworkers and clients!"

heather HS square

Heather Schultz

HR Director - Charleston

"Hands down, it is the amazing people who work at the firm! We have some fun-loving and talented team members who make the work environment and culture feel more like a family. We truly enjoy spending time together inside and outside of the office."

daniel HS square

Daniel Horowitz

Senior Accountant - Nashville

"I really like how modern of a company it is - from the cloud based programs to the promotion of work/life balance.  It's refreshing to be in a work environment that is both current and progressive in terms of the tools and resources we have at our disposal."

We are growing (being a two time Inc. 5000 company proves that!) and often have openings at both locations, so feel free to take a look at our careers page for more information.  

If you are a business owner looking for an eclectic mix of happy, capable accountants on your team, look no further.  Tell us about your business.  We would love to chat more to see how we can help.

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