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Podcast Recap: Brad Talks Accountfully on "What Makes Them Tip"

Accountfully Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Brad Ebenhoeh was a recent guest on the “What Makes Them Tip” podcast, hosted by Jeff Ford, of Arcalea.  The podcast features innovative business leaders and seeks to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs by sharing their stories.  The common theme of each episode is the guest shares the moment they realized they made it , or, “what made them tip”.  

Arcalea podcast recap

This was a great sit down conversation that both gives the listener an in-depth look at the Accountfully beginnings, and also offers some great entrepreneurial insight for those looking for inspiration and advice in their own pursuits.  We have given you the high level recap of the discussion and a little background on the host here.  


Listen to Episode 52 here


Who Is Arcalea?  

Arcalea is a Chicago based marketing management organization that prides itself on making success a science.  In Arcalea’s words, they “help organizations focus strategy and harness quantitative assessment and the power of data analytics to create breakthrough impact and business growth.”  Like Accountfully, they are a two time Inc 5000 company, increasing growth for two years straight.  You can learn more about this innovative company here:

The Podcast Episode In A Nutshell

What Makes Them Tip Focuses on innovative entrepreneurial stories.  In episode 52, Brad and Jeff discuss Accountfully’s innovative approach to the accounting world and discuss referral engines, cultivating referred leads, and some unique strategies that keep Accountfully moving forward.  Here are some items touched on in the conversation:


  • An overview of Accountfully clients and their typical needs
  • What concept made the lightbulb go off for Brad when finalizing the Accountfully business model
  • Ways Accountfully innovates to stay current and earn its success
  • The phases of business growth, and how they adapted and addressed the various pain points:
  • Hiring
  • Quality control 
  • Maintaining accurate and timely work for clients across the team
  • Templating systems and creating workflows for a consistent product
  • Maintaining company culture across multiple locations
  • The tipping point that clued Brad in that things were working and successful
  • Brad’s experience with the referral engine and how his unique approach feeds it
  • Two areas Accountfully has focused their attention toward that have been helpful in bolstering client relationships, earning referrals, and gaining new clients
  • The concept of “time marketing” 
  • What should be outsourced and what each business leader should focus on, based on the consistent themes he sees across his clients


A Few Show Links

To learn more about Accountfully and schedule a chat to see how we can help your business:


Learn more about Arcalea:


Learn more about host, Jeff Ford: • 

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