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Reasons Why You Want to Work at Accountfully

People _ Numbers

It’s no secret to our team that we are a blast to work for, but for the prospective employee, allow us to fill you in. Our company was founded with a massive focus on work-life balance, a casual atmosphere and staying on the cutting edge of technology to best serve our clients. Accountfully is a diverse team of professionals in the finance arena. Our professionalism is rivaled only by our ability to have fun too. We work hard and we play hard.

There are a lot of perks when you are an Accountfully employee and we like to brag about it. Read on to hear a few thoughts from our current team on reasons you want to work for us.

Casual Friday is Every Day

This doesn’t mean our standards lower, we just don’t believe that dressing up like you’re heading out for a day on Wall Street is necessary for productivity. Ever wonder how much more productive you are when you are comfortable? A lot. And you save a ton on dry cleaning, too.

Bookkeeper, Laura Bruns digs the casual dress code. She says, “Cheers to casual Friday everyday! You won’t find a stuffy or formal accountant in this office.”

Clutter, Cubicles and Fluorescent Lighting Is Nowhere to be Found

Open, collaborative workspaces and an almost paperless operation means we have time and space to focus on our work. Both offices in Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee are bright, airy and inviting.

Laura Bruns continues to brag, “Accountfully’s Charleston office is bright and inspiring. It’s nice to work in a beautiful space with smart and friendly co-workers. ”

Senior Accountant, Kim Ellis says, “Accountfully is a very unique place to work in the sense that you are constantly challenged with the different industries that your clients are in, and that the company is mainly paperless.”

Michael Bourke, Accounting Manager notes, ”Accountfully is a fun, ambitious company that appreciates its employees and understands the value of good people.”

Work-Life Balance Is A Top Priority

Emphasizing work-life balance is one of the founding principles of Accountfully. Team happy hours and early Fridays are just two of the perks enjoyed by our team.

Bookkeeper, Katie Earle sums up the feel of working at Accountfully well:

“Working at Accountfully is like being part of an efficient, well-oiled machine. We work incredibly hard and come together to produce top-notch services for our clients. At the same time, we never take ourselves TOO seriously and have great opportunities to let loose and really get to know one another (i.e. family picnic, happy hour, etc.). I know this will be said over and over again, but early Fridays ROCK. MY. WORLD.”

Our Clients Are Really Cool

We serve some really awesome companies. The large portion of our client base is comprised of food entrepreneurs and digital agencies, but there are a ton of great industries in the mix. Working with such inspiring and diverse companies makes for an exciting work flow.

Nate Alger, Senior Accountant says; “Unlike many accountant positions, you are always learning new things and being exposed to many different types of businesses whether that be building space rockets or creating protein-filled tater tots.”

Our Leadership Team Is Awesome

Brad and Meredith Ebenhoeh are two highly talented professionals that started Accountfully to focus on a new way of providing accounting services to small businesses. They have both been at the top in the classic corporate finance scene and didn’t think the windowless offices and excessively long days made for a better product. The leadership team is greatly invested in obtaining and developing its talented workforce.

“Accountfully's culture really thrives on teamwork, support, positivity, and leadership,'' says Taylor Hoyles, Bookkeeper. “I truly believe the Accountfully is one of a kind in many ways, which is beautifully highlighted by their employees, work culture, and leadership.”

Human Resources Director, Heather Schultz is part of Accountfully’s leadership team and has a very direct role in recruiting its talent. She truly believes in Accountfully’s concept of “people are greater than numbers”. She believes that hiring a talented and diverse workforce can influence a company’s growth. Part of attracting a great work force is offering a great company culture.

“We offer our employees a modern, open work space, and work flexibility, says Heather, “We have an empowering, positive and team-oriented work environment. Our team is very talented, fun-loving and passionate!”

Like what you read? Ready to leave the dingy corporate scene behind and apply your talents to Accountfully’s? Well, guess what - we are hiring.

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