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Remote Work Life at Accountfully: A Look Into How Our Remote Team Works

Remote Work Life at Accountfully

A Look Into How Our Remote Team Works

Accountfully prides itself on being a non-traditional, tech forward, outsourced accounting firm that serves clients nationwide. We leverage cloud-based accounting software and systems, which means our employees are able to serve our clients from anywhere in the country.  Recently, we showcased why we love working from our two offices in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN (feel free to refresh your memory here), but with our growing remote workforce, it is time to show the remote team some love too!  

To get a consensus on why remote life is the best life (our official hashtag is #remotelifeisthebestlife, FYI), we polled our remote team to see how they manage their day-to-day in various areas like lunch breaks, time management, and sharing space with other in-home co-workers (furry and otherwise).  Just in time for National Work From Home Day, here is your official look into what Accountfully Remote Team life is all about.

Accountfully’s Remote Roots

A quick history of the remote Accountfully workplace.  Currently over half of our total employees work remotely in 15 different states, and we have always maintained flexibility when it comes to work schedules and styles.  Accountfully onboarded its first “official” permanently remote employee in 2017.  In recent years, several employees relocated to different parts of the country to support spouse job opportunities or family changes, but wanted to continue being Accountfully employees.  We answered the call and made accommodations for these valuable team members to convert to fully remote.  In 2021, the leadership team decided it was “officially” time to start offering more opportunities for a fully remote workforce.  

Who will like it here:  Skilled accountants that value work life balance and don’t want to spend their money on dry cleaning or a daily commute. They would rather spend that time and energy on getting their work done and supporting cool clients.  Don’t worry about your time zone, we can manage all of them.  We have at least one employee in each, and there’s an office in Eastern time, and one in the Central time zone.  If you need to catch a colleague, you likely have someone working your same hours.  Just imagine the flexibility of crunching numbers from your couch in your favorite snuggle pants.  

Details of the Accountfully Remote Workplace

Remote Workspaces and Tools

Accountfully provides each remote employee with a laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse to be properly set up for success, the rest is up to you.  Favorite parts of our team's at-home workspaces included the views, their personal decor, music choices, and being in close proximity to family and pets. 

Here is how most of our remote team operates their workspaces:

  • Over 85% of our survey responses said they have dedicated work spaces or offices at home. 
  • Half of them have the office solely to themselves to ensure productivity. 

How Our Remote Team Does Lunch

When given the options of describing their lunch plans, we discovered our remote employees vary mostly on their eating preferences. The majority of our respondents say they prefer to make their lunch at home and just eat at their desk while working. The rest said they either don’t take a lunch, snack all day, or step away for a bit to take time for themselves and enjoy a lunch. 

Furry Coworkers

Eighty percent of our remote employees have pets that also “come to work” with them everyday. This factor alone is shared as a top favorite thing about working from home.  It is also what most employees say keeps them active when working from home.  Pictures of team pets patiently waiting for walks or recaps of weekend beach adventures are always seen on our cute pets slack channel.  

Favorite Thing About Working Remotely

The one thing all of our remote team members share is they LOVE working from home and not having a commute! Some additional favorite things that were highlighted included 

  • Increased concentration and productivity
  • Added flexibility
  • Wearing comfy clothes
  • More time to do whatever they want, like spend time with family, or catch up on house chores 

For one team member, being at home all day allows him to use his smoker almost on the daily!  

If They Had to Change One Thing

Most of our surveyed employees wouldn’t change a thing about their remote workspace. However, we did have a few that would like to add an outdoor workspace, a standing desk option, or moving to a separate workspace from a couch or bedroom. Other than that, our remote employees did admit they do miss the in person interaction with coworkers from time to time. Lucky for them, we have our famous Fall Event, where we all get to rekindle our camaraderie at the Charleston office.

Maintaining the Coworker Connection

While the Charleston and Nashville offices get the daily opportunity to engage in person, Accountfully provides numerous ways for our remote employees to still feel involved and engaged in our company culture. Here are a few ways we stay connected with all of our employees:

  • Daily chats/huddles through Slack channels (ex. Sharing cute pet pics, sharing Wordle scores and sharing celebrations like birthdays and work anniversaries).
  • Weekly remote virtual happy hours
  • Quarterly Town Hall meetings where the entire company connects virtually 
  • Annual Retreat hosted each year in Charleston for all employees, near and far!

How You Can Become Part of the Team

Are you convinced yet?  If being part of a company culture that appreciates working hard and having fun, Accountfully is a great fit.  We are always seeking like minded accounting professionals to join our team.  Take a look at our current job openings and learn more about our perks on our careers page.

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