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Remote Team Spotlight: Northeast Region

Meet The Remote Team of the Northeast Region

In over a decade of successful growth, Accountfully has grown the outsourced accounting firm to a team of almost seventy.  Of the many new faces joining the team, many are now working remotely.  Our remote footprint now spans every time zone of the US and covers 15 states.  That makes for a lot of flexibility in how we support our clients, and also in how each team member can work.   After the amount of interest we had in our “behind the scenes” look into the remote workspaces of our team on National Work From Home Day, we figured we were on to something.  Turns out it’s really fun to see how our remote team sets up their workstations and manages their day.  Dive in, and take some notes from this eclectic bunch we call team Accountfully!

With so many team members, we have divided them into regions.  We begin our remote team exploration in the Northeast region; spanning from as far north as Massachusetts, down to Pennsylvania.

Alison Eaton • Boston, MA

Alison is a Senior Accounting Manager who has worked with Accountfully since 2016. She originally started working out of the Charleston office, then became one of our first fully remote team members. Her favorite part of working at Accountfully is the awesome team we have, so not seeing them in person is the biggest thing she misses now being a fully remote employee.  

"WFH is great but there is something about in-person interactions that you can't replicate while working from home.  Google hangouts are great but they aren't the same as sitting in a room with someone.  Not sure how to change that but that would be one downside of working from home, you miss the in-person interactions."

Alison loves her separate office space in her home.  It is situated in a front room with a bird's eye view of the comings and goings of her city neighbors. To stay active while she works, she uses an under-desk bike that she can pedal while working.   Learn more about Alison in her spotlight.

Alex Vignone • Jersey City, NJ

Alex is a Senior Accountant who works remotely out of Jersey City. Her favorite part of working from home is her cool L-shaped desk and the view of downtown Manhattan, New York.  Awesome views aside, she is eventually seeking more room to accommodate a better workspace. Her bedroom currently doubles as her office space, which is not ideal. To stay active, Alex does make an effort to step away twice a day for fresh air and quality time with her beautiful golden retriever, Chloe. 

"I make my lunch and eat at my desk while I work, I do step out and take a 'lunch break walk' with my dog Chloe!"

Jessica Zales • Boonton, NJ

Jess is a Staff Accountant that works remotely out of Boonton, New Jersey, about 30 miles northwest of Alex.  Like Alex, Jess’ bedroom also doubles as her home office. While she doesn’t have any furry coworkers to keep her entertained, she does have a stuffed Teddy Roosevelt serving as a pretty cool desk buddy. Similar to Alison, Jess does miss the in-person interaction of more traditional office life. She does have some sage advice to share from her experience as a full-time, remote worker, though:

"Snack all day, I try to step away every day to take time for myself and enjoy my lunch. Meal prep is key!"

Nolan Godfrey • Quakertown, PA

As we move slightly West on our remote team map, Senior Accountant Nolan Godfrey is one of three of our Pennsylvania-based team members.  His home office maintains a good amount of separation from the rest of the house, and he has plenty of opportunities to stay active.  Nolan actively works his three acres of land and stays busy chasing after his one-year-old in his off time.  He is especially thankful for being able to be more flexible and supportive of his wife ad family duties as well.

"I love having the flexibility to help my wife out with our one-year-old daughter throughout the day. The ability to be more involved in my family's lives just by being more present at home is a huge blessing."

Get to know more about Nolan in his spotlight

Liz Foreback • Sellersville, PA

We can thank Nolan, who referred a fellow Pennsylvanian, Staff Accountant, Liz, to our team.  Liz enjoys a staple of most offices these days, a stand-up desk, but she is also campaigning for the addition of an outdoor workspace from her husband. 

"Still pestering my husband for a deck so I can take this show outside."

Courtney Wayson • York, PA

Courtney is a Senior Accountant in York, Pennsylvania. There was no love lost when Courtney cut her daily commute, but there was a new love gained for her desk chair. At the start of the pandemic, Courtney invested in a Herman Miller Sayl chair which quickly became the centerpiece of her home office space in addition to her impressive collection of house plants. She also holds the prestigious title of the inaugural remote bowling champion and has the trophy to prove it. While she may be winning in the remote bowling arena, she may still need some work on the lunch side of things. She shared that her current lunch routine does not involve a true "break";

"I make my lunch and eat at my desk while I work. What's a lunch break?"

• • •

Stay tuned for more highlights as we discover more regions of our remote workforce.  In the meantime, if you are interested in joining the Accountfully team, we are always seeking talented individuals.  Take a look at our opportunities and perks on our website.

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